Throughout my career as a musician, I have strived to accomplish a high level of skill as a bassist by creating and developing deep grooves along with strong song sensitivity. As a GHS String endorsed artist, I am blessed to have their support to enable me to expand into new ventures in both live and recorded music. 
As I have evolved and grown, I have also refined my role as composer, arranger, and producer as well. I have showcased my ability to perform in multiple stylings/genres with the release of my self-produced debut CD Offerings. 

I have been a professional touring bassist for well over 20 years. My travels have taken me throughout the United States, Sweden, Russia, The United Kingdom and most of Europe. I have had the privilege of performing with such legendary artists as Matt “Guitar” Murphy, Lucky Peterson, Mississippi Heat, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Eddie Kirkland, Jason Ricci, Carl Weathersby, Drew Abbott, Thornetta Davis, Karen Lovely, Kelley Hunt, The Noueaux Honkies, Jennifer Westwood & The Handsome Devils and many more.
My performing talents have not only been dedicated to touring. My discography has covered Live Blues/Rock, Traditional Blues, Contemporary Christian, Americana, and R&B.

I have also been sharing my love for the Lord by performing Contemporary Christian music with the creative arts worship teams at Northridge Church in Plymouth, Michigan. This is a joy and passion that is very important in my life. The ability to spread the Word and love of Jesus is such a blessing and an honor.

As a child, I was inspired by jazz, soul and classical music recordings that I heard in and around my home. I took that passion and applied it to education. Beginning at the age of eight, my aptitude and understanding of music history and theory just added to my natural ability to perform. With studies at Blue Lake Music Camp and Interlochen National Music Campas a teenager, I became an outstanding classical upright bassist for my age, earning positions in both the Michigan Youth Symphony and the Saginaw Symphony, respectively. I continued my education with studies at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI and Jazz studies at the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago, IL. There I applied my accumulated experience to bass guitar and immersed myself in the Chicago music scene, most significantly, the blues scene! 

I am grateful to live my life meeting so many people that inspire Joy in the world. Music can reach every person in a different way but there is no doubt that it can change your life, give hope, express love, and heal your soul. I plan to continue sharing what inspires me for as long as I am able.

Peace & God Bless,